Celine Dion. Things to know.

Celine Dion

She is so fantastic that she can have her own sentence. Celine Dion is a singer, songwriter and a much loved entertainer. She was born in Quebec, Canada to a big family on the 30th March 1968. . As a teenager, she was represented by her Manager, Rene Angelil, who later became her husband. He believed in her so much that he actually mortgaged his house to finance her first record. Now that’s love. And appreciation. And all things nice. It is real testament to her early ability. And she has gone from strength to strength.

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Celine Dion started off with a few French albums in the early 1980’s

In 1988, she represented Switzerland in Eurovision and won it singing ‘Ne partez pas sans moi’ which translates as ‘Don’t leave without me.’ Later on in the 1990’s, Celien Dion signed with Epic Records. You can find Celine Dion these days performing at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace in Nevada.

Celine Dion is the best selling Canadian artist in history (and one of the best selling artists in the world). She sings mostly in French and English. However, she has sung in Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese). It does not matter what language Celine Dion sings in, her voice is like liquid gold.

Celine Dion’s net worth is 630 million US Dollars. But despite the money and accolades that she has received she has had many trial and tribulations in her life. She had left her music temporarily to take care of her ailing husband. He is better now and Celine Dion will be returning to perform at Caesar’s Palace on August 27th 2015. For more information regarding Celine Dion’s stint at Caesar’s Palace go to www.celineinvegas.com. But if you are seeking general information about Celine Dion, go to her official website at www.celinedion.com.

Prince – The Return Of A Musical Legend

For many years, Prince tickets were among the most sought-after concert tickets in the music world. Prince has been a legend almost since he stormed onto the scene in the early 1980’s, and his longevity and ability to change his style to fit the times and his own development as a musician has been nothing short of amazing. A look at Prince’s life will help to paint a picture of just how this iconic musical figure came to occupy his current status as a legend.

Early Life

Prince Rogers Nelson was born on June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis. His name came from his father’s jazz band, which was called the “Prince Rogers Trio.” He was introduced to music early, but his family life as a child was a bit rocky. Prince’s parents separated and divorced, and Prince did not have a good relationship with his stepfather, ultimately running away from home as an early teen.

Prince moved in with his father for a brief time, and his father bought him his first guitar. However, he soon moved in with a neighborhood friend’s family and began to explore his musical talent and interests in junior high school. He joined his first band, Grand Central, and began to jam mostly with instrumental songs. Grand Central played in local clubs and at parties, and they soon morphed into a new name, Champagne, and started playing more traditional rock and roll music.

Career Beginnings

Through a series of connections, Prince produced a solo demo tape in 1976, and this demo was circulated among record producers. Ultimately, a bidding war ensued, and Prince finally signed a recording contract with Warner Bros., as it was the only label that offered Prince artistic control over his work.

Prince released his first two full-length albums in the late 1970’s, and neither was a commercial success. However, he continued to hone is style and put together is backup band, and his third release, Dirty Mind, got him some attention based on its unique sound and sexually-explicit lyrics. After another mildly successful release, Controversy, which came out in 1981, the stage was set for Prince to become a star.

A Star is Born

In 1982, Prince released 1999, an album that sold millions of copies and contained several successful singles. Prince was suddenly a name that was recognized around the world, and Prince tickets began to sell in a big way for his concerts, as he gained a reputation for his hot-and-bothered live performances. All of this momentum led to his next release, which would ultimately make him an icon.

In 1984, Prince released a soundtrack for a movie in which he starred, Purple Rain. Although the film was widely-panned by critics, it was a commercial success, and the album generated even more revenue, as it sold over 13 million copies. Purple Rain was responsible for the newfound genre of the “Minneapolis sound,” which was a very influential phenomenon.

Career Highlights

Since the release of Purple Rain, Prince has remained busy. He has released 20 subsequent albums of varying styles, reinvented his own persona several times, and captured the intrigue of the world when he demanded that his name needed to be a symbol.

Prince has continued to draw the interest of music fans everywhere with his unquestionable talent and legendary work ethic, as Prince is known as a perfectionist. That attitude continues to bleed into his live performances, and is one of the reasons that Prince tickets are still in high demand.

Learn a New Language at Home

Thinking about learning a new language? With the worldwide internet there are innumerable ways to accomplish this.

There are so many websites, blogs, and tools at one’s disposal, learning a new language is almost automatic.

Let’s look at the reasons you want to learn a new language

Your reasons are important simply because learning a new language takes motivation and willpower. When the learning gets tougher, you’ll want to remember why you are learning the language anyway.

There are many methods to learning a new language

When you are learning from home, you will want to try to create an immersive experience. You don’t have to be in the country of the target language, you have everything you’ll need via the web and textbooks. We will discuss some of the best methods to acquiring a new language.

First, the most important part to learning another language is pronunciation

You should listen to conversations in the target language as well as use pronunciation guides. Many of these are readily available on youTube or you can purchase a guide as well. Listening to the language is also very important in order to pick up the rhythm and intonation of the language. This will help make you a better speaker and easier to understand by natives. Over time your ear will develop, thus making it easier for you to understand even the most rapid conversations in the target language.

Second, you’ll want to acquire vocabulary and key phrases

The key phrases are so you can communicate very basic ideas and thoughts and get by in the language more quickly. These phrases can also be centred around travel if you plan to travel to the target country soon, or you could use them as a place to start. To help with memorisation and word recall, you’ll maybe want to try spaced repetition systems such as Anki, or various apps on your phone or device to help you practice whenever you have a spare moment. The spaced repetition is good in the sense that it automatically knows when to bring in vocabulary that you may have forgotten.

Third, and often the most important, and that is to speak! 

You can set up Skype calls or if you have a significant other that speaks the language you can practice with them. There are also online communities that will do language exchanges. All you have to do is find one! It is ideal to practice speaking the language at least twice a week as it will help you to remember dialogue, vocabulary and how to phrase things, as well as get feedback on your pronunciation.

That’s it! If you follow these steps, you will find you will be speaking in your new language in no time!


Madonna Rebel Heart Tour

The Queen of Pop has set the dates for her ‘Rebel Heart Tour’!  

These are the upcoming concerts in the States:

Miami  –  Aug. 29 & 30                                         Atlanta – Sept. 2
Montreal – Sept 9 & 10                                         DC     –  Sept. 12
New York –  Sept. 16 & 17                                    Brooklyn  –  Sept. 19
Philadelphia – Sept. 24                                         Boston – Sept. 26
Chicago – Sept. 28                                               Detroit – Oct. 1
Atlantic City – Oct. 3                                            St. Paul – Oct. 8
Portland – Oct. 17                                                San Jose – Oct. 19
Glendale – Oct. 22                                               Las Vegas – Oct. 24
Inglewood – Oct. 27

Then on to Europe where the show in France is already Sold Out!

Madonna’s shows are truly fantastic.  Since her beginning, her inspiring energy just attracts you to be on a higher level.  She is an unique individual that has shared her gift with the world.
Don’t miss this Show!  Madonna is a once in a lifetime experience and you will never see anything like it again, never!  Think about that….Get your tickets early, shows will be sold out.
Madonna will talk about the ‘Rebel Heart Tour’ on the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show on April 9th and we’re hearing rumors she’ll perform ‘Like A Prayer’….don’t know if it’s on the Jimmy Fallon Show or the ‘Rebel Heart Tour’?
On March 9th, Madonna was the guest on the Howard Stern radio show.  I must say Mr. Stern did a great interview with her!  He can be a little judgmental, you know, but he was different with Madonna as we heard some very touching and interesting insights to Madonna.
Did you know she is most irritated by her song “Material Girl” and wrote it for sarcastic reasons…..she is not very materialistic at all and doesn’t want her fans to think that way about her.
Did you know she wrote ‘Vogue’ in just a few hours!  Her inspiration was Warren Beatty, an ex.  His way of life in Hollywood was fascinating to her and she was always asking him about famous women he had dated when they were dating!  Wild!  ‘Vogue’!
Madonna smiled when Mr. Stern played her latest song ‘Ghosttown’ and stated it is about the world collapsing because it feels like it more and more each day.  A really, very beautiful song.
Madonna has admitted that she’s tried to quit the music industry but she just can’t, it always draws her back in right at the perfect time.  She’s an artist, that’s what artists do!
Her interviews have been anticipated for years, ranking high numbers for the networks’ ratings.  It is an honor for Madonna to want to visit your show and talk about what’s going on in her life.  This time she chose Jimmy Fallon’s Show, so record it and watch it over and over.


All About European All Inclusive Vacations


Once you decide that a European all inclusive vacation is what you’re looking for, all that is left to do is to decide where. This might sound like a simple decision, but bear in mind that Europe is a continent of diversity and cultures, climates and activities both natural and man made so get the map out and make some decisions.


What’s great about a European all inclusive vacation though is that once you’ve paid, you can pretty much turn up for your vacation with only some spending money and some money for any excursions that you might want to take. This is because ‘all inclusive’ means that flights, transfers to and from the airport/accommodation, insurance, the accommodation itself and your food and drink are usually all paid for before you leave home of course you should always make sure you understand clearly just what the fine print of your particular deal says at the time of booking.


The very nature of European all inclusive vacations also make them ideal trips to book because they take away the worry of how much you will likely spend when you’re away. Plus, it doesn’t matter what your budget is, an all inclusive vacation can be found to suit your budget.


What you need to bear in mind though, is that when you book a deal like this you are pretty much tied in to eating and drinking at the local resort only. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a special personal detour to an eatery that might not be on the list of your all inclusive deal. You just need to plan ahead and bring along a little extra money for a special meal once or twice during your stay.


A great misconception with these types of deals, is that they are somehow inferior to other vacations. That is not true! So you can rest assured that all inclusive does not mean lower standards or shoddy food. You will most likely be offered a buffet style eating experience where you simply help yourself to whatever food you want and the food is often a variety of fresh local produce and the universal well known foods and all of it healthy. If you can’t find food that you enjoy on an a break like this, then you would have to be extremely unlucky.


Indeed, what many people report, when they take a European all inclusive deal is that they feel as though they have been very well looked after because they virtually have nothing to do for themselves, except enjoy themselves!